2nd Year BDS Unit 3 Internal Assessment Examination, Paper IIIA Oral Biology BPKIHS PAST Question

2nd Year BDS, Unit 3
Internal Assessment Examination, 20th March 2017
Paper IIIA
Oral Biology
Time: 2 hours                                                                                         Total Marks: 125

1. Enumerate the developmental stages of teeth, and describe the cap stage in detail with a well-labelled diagram. (2+5=7)
2. Enumerate the theories of pain transmission in dentin, and discuss the most popular theory. (3+4=7)
3. Draw a well-labelled diagram of dental pulp histology, and enumerate the functions of the dental pulp. (5+2=7)
4. Describe the arrangement of principal fibers of periodontal ligaments with a neat and well labelled diagram. (5+2=7)
5. Describe the phases of tooth modulation with suitable diagrams. (4+3=7)
6. Describe the phenomenon of formation of interglobular dentin with a neat and well labelled diagram. (4+3=7)
7. Describe the morphological changes in the life cycle of odontoblasts with suitable diagrams. (4+3=7)
8. Describe the role of Hertwig's epithelial root sheath in the formation of root.   (7)
9. Describe the different types of cementoenamel junction with a neat and well labelled diagram. (7)
10. Classify the alveolar bone according to functional adaptation with  a suitable diagram. (4+2=6)
11. Describe the formation of pulp stone and classify it. (6) 
12. Describe the labial aspect of permanent maxillary right central incisor. (6)
13. Enlist the fate of dental lamina. (6)
14. Compare the difference between the permanent mandibular central and lateral incisor in six points. (6)   

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