Prodromal symptom of OSMF:

 # Prodromal symptom of OSMF:
a. hypersalivation 
b. dryness of mouth 
c. both of the above 
d. none of the above 

The correct answer is C. Both of the above.

Prodromal Symptoms (Early OSF):
 This includes a burning sensation in the mouth when consuming spicy food, appearance of blisters especially on the palate, ulcerations or recurrent generalized inflammation of the oral mucosa,
excessive salivation, defective gustatory sensation and dryness of the mouth. There are periods of exacerbation manifested by the appearance of small vesicles in the cheek and palate. The intervals between such exacerbation vary from three months to one year. Focal vascular dilatations manifest
clinically as petechiae in the early stages of the disease. This may be part of a vascular response due to hypersensitivity of the oral mucosa towards some external irritant like arecanut products. Petechiae are observed in about 22% of OSF cases (Rajendran, 1994), mostly on the tongue followed by the labial and buccal mucosa with no sign of blood dyscrasias or systemic disorders. Pain in areas where submucosal fibrotic bands are developing when palpated is a useful clinical test. Histologically, they revealed a slightly hyperplastic epithelium, sometimes atrophic with numerous dilated and blood-filled capillaries juxtaepithelially. The inflammatory cells seen are mainly lymphocytes, plasma cells and occasional eosinophils. The presence together of large numbers of lymphocytes and fibroblasts as well as plasma cells in moderate numbers, suggests the importance of a sustained lymphocytic infiltration in the maintenance of the tissue reaction in OSF. 

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