Vesicles rupture at followed by pseudo membrane formation on a 3 year old child

 # A 3 year old patient has extensive vesicles on lip, tongue, oral mucous membrane. After 2-4 days vesicles rupture at followed by pseudo membrane formation and also some dermal lesions are seen. What will be the diagnosis? 
a. Herpetic stomatitis 
b. Erythema multiforme 
c. ANUG 
d. Steven-Johnson Syndrome 

The correct answer is B. Erythema multiforme. 

Erythema multiforme (EM) is acute, self‐limited, inflammatory mucocutaneous disease that manifests on the skin and often oral mucosa, although other mucosal surfaces, such as the genitalia, may also be involved. It represents a hypersensitivity reaction to infectious agents (majority of cases) or medications. In general, EM is classified as EM minor if there is less than 10% of skin involvement and there is minimal to no mucous membrane involvement, whereas EM major has more extensive but still characteristic skin involvement, with the oral mucosa and other mucous membranes affected.

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