Which of the cells most commonly found in granuloma? Lok Sewa 2079

 # Which of the cells most commonly found in granuloma? 
(A) Lymphocytes 
(B) Giant cells 
(C) Mast cells 
(D) Neutrophils

The correct answer is B. Giant cells.

The cell most commonly found in granuloma is giant cells. A granuloma is a type of inflammation that occurs in response to chronic infection or inflammation. It is characterized by the accumulation of immune cells such as macrophages, lymphocytes, and giant cells, which are often surrounded by a rim of fibrous tissue. Giant cells are formed by the fusion of macrophages and are a characteristic feature of granulomas. They are often multinucleated and can be identified by their large size and distinctive appearance under the microscope. Lymphocytes are also commonly found in granulomas, but giant cells are the most characteristic cell type. Mast cells and neutrophils are less commonly found in granulomas.

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