The radiographic feature of sinusitis includes:

  # The radiographic feature of sinusitis includes:
A. Fluid levels
B. Erosion of bone
C. Clouding of antra
D. Clouding and fluid level

The correct answer is D. Clouding and fluid level.

Radiographic features of maxillary sinusitis: Water's view / Occipitomental 15° is the most valuable radiograph 

Odontogenic sinusitis: 
• Either totally opaque sinus or a fluid level 

Acute maxillary sinusitis: 
• Shows uniform opacity. Sometimes a fluid level is discernible. 

Chronic maxillary sinusitis: 
• Shows pansinusitis. 
• Presence of Fluid level 
• Thickened lining membrane 
• Opaque air space may enclose polyps associated with mucosal thickening 
• In case of presence of tooth or root, the characteristic outline is seen within the sinus. 

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