Macrognathia is not a feature of:

 # Macrognathia is not a feature of:
A. Paget’s disease
B. Leontiasis ossea
C. Acromegaly
D. Parry Romberg Syndrome

The correct answer is D. Parry Romberg Syndrome.

Asymmetry of the face is a feature of Rarry-Romberg syndrome. One side of the face shows relative Micrognathia. 

Parry Romberg syndrome: Genetic disorder characterized by atrophic changes of the deeper structures involving one side of the face (e.g., fat, muscle, cartilage & bone) 

Romberg syndrome: Hemifacial atrophy, progressive atrophy of soft tissue of 1/2 inch of face + contralateral Jacksonian epilepsy & trigeminal neuralgia. 

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