Radiographic finding in Pindborg tumor:

 # Radiographic finding in Pindborg tumor: 
a. Sun-burst appearance 
b. Onion-peel appearance 
c. Driven-snow appearance 
d. Cherry-blossom appearance 

The correct answer is C. Driven snow appearance.

A calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor (Pindborg tumor) may show considerable radiographic variation. In some cases, the lesion appears as either a diffuse or a well-circumscribed unilocular radiolucent area, while in other cases there may appear to be a combined pattern of radiolucency and radiopacity with many small, irregular bony trabeculae traversing the radiolucent area in many directions, producing a multilocular or honeycomb pattern. Scattered flecks of calcification throughout the radiolucency have given rise to the descriptive term of a ‘driven snow’ appearance. In some instances, the lesion is totally radiolucent and is in association with an impacted tooth, thus leading to a mistaken clinical diagnosis of a dentigerous cyst. 

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